Representing your interests

The QLGRA is tremendously proud of the impact that we have made as the peak body representing ratepayers and residents across the state of Queensland.

The QLGRA is a nonpartisan association of groups and individuals from throughout the 77 Queensland Councils focused on reform of local government.

Our Aims

To lobby the state government in all matters relating to good local government.

To promote:

  • the commonality of our cause;
  • sharing of strategy and resources with all local communities;
  • the benefits of efficient community based local councils to the general public; and
  • local government as an area of study in public educational institutions.
  • a unified non-partisan democratic structure within our Organisation – ‘United We Stand’


To advocate for:

  • alignment of boundaries that reflect shared community interests and identity;
  • representative and effective local councils that provide amenity to their communities;
  • accountability, openness and transparency by local government to communities;
  • integrity in council elections, governance and operations;
  • efficient councils providing quality local services at reasonable charges;
  • the principle of community based local councils in the Queensland Constitution such that boundaries can only be changed by a properly constituted referendum;
  • maintenance of reasonable levels of state and federal grants and subsidies to support the necessary and important role of councils in providing and maintaining infrastructure in the local communities for all citizens (including rural and remote); and
  • principles and machinery of government that support good governance in the Queensland Local Government Act and compliance with those principles.


Secretary: +61 407 217 632
[email protected]


PO Box 398
Sarina Qld 4737