No wonder the government does not want an investigation. Just look at the lobbyist register for one company on the website of the Queensland Integrity Commissioner.

In Ipswich, the council made a decision to reject part of the Wanless application to build a recycling center with massive landfills in the application. The council rejected the massive landfills. This was not a decision they took lightly. The council went as far as to have a community consultation where Wanless also had an opportunity to speak with that speech being done by Jim Soorely.

The council engaged an independent panel to help them make the decision. This panel also listened to the talks by the community and by Jim Soorley. The panel reported to the councilors, who also had the report from the Planning department. They took all these reports into consideration when making their decision.

After the rejection of the landfills, Wanless then lodged an appeal in court. However, Jim Soorley’s mate Evan Moorhead (former chief of staff of the premier and former Queensland ALP President) had a talk with office staff at Minister Miles’ office, and all of a sudden Minister Miles has decided to call in the application. He never called in any of the other landfill applications, even though the Chief Executive, Department of State Development, Manufacture, Infrastructure, and Planning was fighting in court with the landfill companies.

There must be a royal commission on the integrity of this Queensland State Government.