With recent calls for a full review of the Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) due to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) dropping several cases, Queensland Local Government Reform Alliance (QLGRA) whilst we do not oppose any inquiry into either the CCC, the Office of the Independent Assessor (OIA), or any government department, we do say enough is enough and that the OIA and CCC need to have a better more reasonable act to operate under where uniform rules govern all government organisations, and local governments regarding malfeasance in public office, fraud in the public sector, and what is termed a justifiable reason for decisions in public office.

What appears to be the primary issue, is the length of time it has taken the DPP to bring matters to the courts, for instance, the matter of Ipswich City Council EX CEO James Lindsay, is still waiting to be heard, he was charged in September 2017, then there is Mary Missen also an Ipswich Council employee charged with 28 counts of fraudulent falsification of records in May 2018.

It is unreasonable for Justice to be done or seen to be done when these matters are not being decided in a court in a reasonable time.

The bottle neck appears to be the ODPP, because the longer it takes for matters to be heard, evidence is lost or tainted.

Residents and ratepayers are entitled to also see that there is swift justice when crimes are committed against them, which is what a local government crime is. Not only are the persons being charged denied proper justice, but the community is also denied justice.

In opposing any more calls for inquiries into the CCC, the QLGRA recommends that the real issues need to be addressed and that is for the ODPP to bring matters before the courts in a timely manner.